Facilitating play based, interest lead, holistic learning opportunities for kids and teens.

Providing a sanctuary for all ages to unwind, embrace community and feel acceptance.

Creating an inclusive community that offers

every opportunity for everybody.

Every Opportunity is a boutique business that specializes in the holistic wellbeing and development of all children and teens across the Sunshine Coast. At EOSS we believe in the potential of every child! Our groups, programs and workshops are designed to be hands on exploration activities, to learn through curiosity, investigation, and genuine experience!

What would you
do if you had
every opportunity?

Across the Sunshine Coast 

Our Mission

At EOSS it is our mission to help children and teens to follow their passions, pursue their interests and have the confidence to ‘colour outside the lines’ of societies norms.


Achieves beyond expected

Terri has made a huge impact on the children’s development and the families wellbeing.

– Tamara, Occupational Therapist, Cooroy


Above & beyond

Terri has worked for me as a support worker and support coordinator for the last 7 years. Terri is truly passionate about helping children reach their goals. She even learnt basic sign language to help my son before he talked. She really goes above and beyond to always find the right fit for my kid’s unique interests.

– Beckie, Gympie

Boosts our self-confidence

Our EOSS mentor is always patient with us. She boosts our self-confidence and encourages us to make friends. We like that she has a bubbly, patient personality and never gives up on us.

– Emilie & Nicole, Traveston

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