Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: ​21th Aug 2021

What is your client, support worker matching process and how is it different to other providers?
We give you more control of who supports your child, by firstly requesting you fill out our questionnaire, ‘My ideal Support Worker,’ we can identify the exact qualities, values, interests, personalities, specialized experience, backgrounds you are looking for. Based on the information collected, EOSS then supplies you with the bios of the matching support staff members for you to choose from.

This process was designed so every child and their family connect with support staff that are holistically ideal for them and their lifestyle. Thus, allowing us to provide you with a top-quality service.

I don’t have support coordination funding in my plan and believe I need access to this service. Can you help?
Yes, we can briefly discuss your circumstances and assist you with the process to get support coordination funded as soon as possible.
When will you start offering groups?
We hope to offer groups very soon, however we don’t have a date yet. We want every group to be a unique, fun learning experience.
How do you ensure there is no bias, given you offer support coordination and support work, groups, and programs?
In our capacity as support coordinator, we match clients with providers based off results determined from our, ‘The ideal provider’ questionnaire. This questionnaire covers questions regarding cost, travel/distance, in home preferences, ages, gender, qualifications and much more. We then provide you with bios from a vast range of providers that match your criteria. You can then determine which is the best match for your family. This system was designed to eliminate any bias that could occur due to EOSS offering both support coordination and support work, groups, and programs.
How do participants qualify for the NDIS?
To qualify for the NDIS, participants must meet a certain eligibility criteria. The criteria for children under 7 differ from those aged 7 and above.
What ages do you support?
We exclusively only offer support to people from ages 0 to 16 years. By only supporting this age group we can provide more specified quality service.
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